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Ease Up-cycle

This was the easiest transformation ever- even my cute little helper got in on the action! It’s a cost effective, environmentally friendly way to get a brand new table and chairs (well it feels like it is!).

Chalk paint requires no priming or sanding- just clean really well and apply as many coats as you desire! Another plus- drying time is about 10 mins!! So you can probably start again by the time you get to the end of one coat.

This was done a few weeks ago and it’s holding up (and cleaning up) amazingly! This includes, but is not limited to, being smeared with blueberries and marinara sauce (courtesy of said helper!)

Here's how we did it:

First we cleaned everything down using Natura Safe Prep, then we began painting. We used Revivals paint and tinted it to cc-30 Oxford White. Revivals can be tinted to any of the Benjamin Moore Colour Preview Collection, so the hardest part might be choosing one!

Then we were ready to get to work! Here are the before pictures:

The last thing you need to be is neat when applying the paint, so it can be a great opportunity to get some mini helpers involved!

We applied three to four coats of paint- a darker colour or less of a colour change would probably only need two coats.

The chairs and table legs were sealed with wax, but we went with four thin coats of polyurethane for the top of the table to make it more hard wearing. Stains are wiping off with no issues on both the table top and the chairs.

So there you have it! A quick transformation that completely changed the look and feel of our dining set and made it ready to move into our new place. We also recovered the seats with a light grey fabric, in keeping with the colours of the space into which we will be moving.

Here it is, the final product:


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