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Ever wondered why the paint colour you chose looks different when you bring it home?

Have a read below for a short explanation of how location affects colour.

Remember, the best way to choose the colour for your space is to paint a large sample sheet (we can do it for you!), bring it home and move it around your space, live with it for a few days, see it at different times of day and then make your decision.

North Facing- cool, blue light. Bolder colours will show up better than muted colours; lighter colours will look subdued.

South Facing- lots of light, brings out the best in both warm and cool colours. Dark colours look brighter; lighter colours will glow.

East Facing- warm and yellow before noon, then bluer. Works great with red, orange and yellow.

West facing- evening is warm meaning warmer looking colours, whereas there isn't much light in the morning, so colours will appear duller with more shadows.

Remember, lighting doesn't affect undertones, so it can't be the the go to argument for colours working or not working in a space. The best way to figure out the undertones of fixed elements in your home is to hire a colour consultant- we can help with that! :)

This picture shows the same colour samples from our 2019 #colourtrends in different lighting.

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