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Let us take the guess work out of it!

Ever wondered what happens when you book a colour consult?

First of all, we do our homework! We chat with you either in person or over the phone to get a rough idea of your likes/dislikes, what you are trying to change, what vibe you are looking to bring to your home/room, what you feel is/isn’t working, what colours/undertones are in the room that are fixed to the room.

From there we put together a colour portfolio, a starting point, to bring to your home. This will help us refine your choices and give us colours to compare and contrast and see what works best with the undertones already present, as well as the lighting in your home.

We also bring a large selection of fan decks, this helps to address any questions you have as well as pull any wildcards you may have wondered about in between our appointment and our initial discussion.

We can also advise you on wallpaper, blinds and fabric choices.

After we have refined your choices, we provide you with a follow up email, showing you how colours may react in your space using photos we have taken during our visit.

Our visit also includes a voucher for you to use in store to get your project started.

If you’ve any questions, please contact us or call in store. We are also taking bookings for online colour consultations, email us for further details.

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